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Why incorporate wooden wall panelling in your home?

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  • Date Jan 27, 2023

Having seen an enormous rise in its popularity over recent years, it might also be a surprise to learn that wooden wall panelling dates back centuries! Often sophisticated and intricately carved, it was once used in stately homes as a decoration and to supply thermal insulation, which today’s contemporary equivalents do as well!

At Acupanel®, we have provided thousands of pleased customers with our continually popular acoustic slat wood wall panels, whose properties include acoustic sound insulation and a modern, sleek finish.

Of the many interior designers, architects, and homeowners that have already installed wooden wall panelling, once you’ve created a feature wall, clad an entire room, or even fitted some on the ceiling, it’s more a question of where you can install some more.

Our regular customers could also give you many reasons why you want to install wooden wall panelling as they have done throughout their homes and business.

The first main reason that most people point out is that wooden wall panelling offers a different look to a feature wall that’s painted. For sure, a feature wallpaper can add decoration if it’s a wall prone to a lot of traffic, then there’s no disguising any scuffs or dents on the surface.

With slat wooden wall panelling, you can choose a finish that matches the rest of the interior woods in the room, such as internal doors, skirting, and even flooring, allowing the new wall panelling to blend seamlessly into the overall scheme of the room.

Wooden wall panelling also allows you to update the overall appearance of the space very rapidly… a refresh of accessories such as cushions or throws in a new accent colour, and the room is transformed immediately.

Apart from its obvious great looks, another main reason that so many people choose to use wooden wall panelling is the simplicity of installing it. There is no need to seek the services of a professional fitter, as even a competent DIY-er can successfully install it.

Many people recall that the reason they decide to use wall panelling when they have an uneven wall surface finish is that it can conceal many irregularities. If the wall may be prone to hairline cracks or staining, and nothing seems to work to rectify or disguise them, then as long as the barriers sound and are free from damp, wooden wall panelling can be implemented.

Soundproofing may be the last reason you think of when installing wooden wall panelling, but if you live on a busy road, share a party wall with a neighbour, or have apartments or flats above yours, you’ll be all too aware of noise pollution. Wood, especially Acupanel® wall panelling, has significant acoustic and thermal insulating properties. So, if either of these is an issue in your home, wooden wall panelling might be the perfect solution.

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